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Behind the Scenes in 2020

A look behind the scenes at our first collection of 2020

The weather in Hamburg may have been miserable, but not even the steely grey clouds could dampen our spirits over our four days at High Noon Studios for the latest Alterna Collection shoot, Reflections.

With four sets running in parallel the studios were alive with activity — our key visual shoot, step-by-step guide, salon and social imagery shoot all took place in tandem. To keep energy high, music was used to set the mood, with the team motivated by UK jungle and old skool reggae vibes, with a healthy dose of Beyonce to keep everyone feeling like they really can run the world.

A team of exceptional creatives collaborated on the shoot, each an expert in their field. With so much talent combined in one space, the atmosphere was electric with a real sense of being in the presence of artists at work, taking inspiration from each another to create something truly magical.

The team included Alterna Editorial Director, Joana Neves, who was on-hand to transform the model's hair into the stunning artistic creations of the Reflections Collection, and revealed some of the inspiration behind the collection.

"Nowadays it's all about diversity. How refreshing it can be to adapt hairstyles to make them workable for different hairtypes, for example the afro-inspired pincurls of the Luxe Shape Waves look. Despite the diversity of the styles in this collection, it is still distinctly Caviar — High Hold Twist is a good example of this, it's a very classic chignon but it has a modern twist, making it super-expensive and elegant."

Despite the intense shooting schedule, with all four days maximized as much as possible, all of the team on set commented on the relaxed, collaborative atmosphere of the shoot that allowed creativity to blossom, in order to create the most beautiful images possible. As London-based photographer, Jack Eames, noted.

"It's been so nice that there are so many different nationalities, contributing to lovely energy. We all gave each other the space to create and share ideas, and that relaxed environment is so imporatant for anything creative. Without the right people involved, we wouldn't get the pictures we're looking for."

The results — a suite of images that perfectly reflect the mood of the collection. The dazzling results of Reflections would not have been possible without the professionals behind the camera, who truly captured the very essence of Alterna in their work in Hamburg over these few days.

This collection is a an exciting foray into a new decade for Alterna, and our most diverse yet. It's fresh and approachable, yet still exuding the premium feel and performance that Alterna is known for. We can't wait to see how the looks are interpreted by hairdressers across Europe, and hope within the variety on offer there is inspiration available for all women.


Transformative, playful and still distinctly indulgent, My Hair. My Canvas. blends Vegan Botanical Caviar with carefully selected natural extracts to create a flexible care and styling range that can keep up with the conscious lifestyle choices of today's salon clients, whilst catering for all hair types.



For our first collection of the new decade, we've been inspired by the rich diversity of our many identities and the beauty that exists in our differences. The Reflections Collection contains a variety of looks that use hair as an expressive canvas upon which to reflect personality, combining innovative styling techniques to give classic looks a modern twist. Adaptable to suit any woman, find out more about the looks and how to recreate this diverse range of reflections in the salon.




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